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Manual hydraulic pallet truck safety operating procedures


Preparation before operation

1. Clean any obstacles within the operating area to ensure a spacious operating space.

2. Check if the hydraulic system, cargo pallet, and wheels of the pallet truck are intact and undamaged.

3. Ensure that there is no cargo on the pallet truck that exceeds the rated load weight.

4. Wear suitable personal protective equipment, such as helmets, protective shoes, etc.

Precautions during operation

1. Check and ensure that the brake of the hydraulic pallet truck is effective, ensuring that the vehicle can be stopped at any time during operation.

2. During operation, push the pallet truck into the cargo from the left side to ensure a straight line of sight of the cargo is always maintained.

3. Check the road surface condition to ensure that the operating area is flat and prevent the pallet truck from colliding with obstacles.

4. During the operation, maintain body balance and use both hands and legs to push the pallet truck to avoid excessive force causing falls.

5. When pushing the pallet truck. When going uphill, increase the driving force in advance to prevent the trolley from slipping backwards.

6. Do not use the pallet truck as a mobile platform or ladder, and it is strictly prohibited to climb onto the pallet truck for work.

7. During operation, do not place your hands on the control rod of the hydraulic pump to avoid accidental operation.

8. When handling long distances, it is recommended that two people work together to share labor intensity and ensure safety.

Operation precautions

1. It is prohibited to ride or stand while driving on a pallet truck.

2. It is prohibited to play or do other things unrelated to work during the operation process.

3. It is prohibited to stack goods too high or unstable to avoid dumping and causing injury. During the transportation process, it is important to maintain clear visibility and operate with caution to avoid colliding with other people or objects.

5. It is prohibited to forcibly change the direction of the pallet truck during operation to avoid accidental injury. 

Storage and maintenance

1. After each use, clean and store the manual hydraulic pallet truck properly to avoid prolonged exposure to strong light, rain, or high temperatures.

2. Regularly inspect the hydraulic system to ensure its normal operation. If any abnormalities are found, they should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

3. Regularly inspect the pallets and wheels of the pallet truck for severe wear, and replace them promptly if necessary

4. No unauthorized disassembly or modification of any component of the pallet truck is allowed.

By strictly adhering to the safety operating procedures of the manual hydraulic pallet truck mentioned above, the risk of accidents during work can be reduced, the safety of operators can be protected, and the service life of the pallet truck can be extended.

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