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Spring Balancer

Spring Balancer is a device to suspend machines and equipment. The tension is kept stable on even if the cable is pulled out or retrived because of the tapered drum. So spring balancers can hold the tools suspended in hollow and work for flexible positioning of the tools.

Used for hanging a variety of tools to improve working efficiency and diminish worker fatigue. Spring balancer is used in automotive molds, parts welding, assembly lines and various fixed positions.

This spring balancer uses the energy accumulated in the coil spring to keep the suspended operating tool in a weightless state. The labor intensity of the operation work is greatly reduced, and the labor production efficiency is improved.

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Retractable Spring Balancer

Retractable Spring Balancer

Retractable Spring Balancer is produced by Hebei Shengyu Hoisting Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Manufactures and supplies a material handling, lifting and lifting machinery. Retractable Spring Balancer is designed for people who need to do some material up or down operations in the workplace.

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Shengyu is a reliable Spring Balancer manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our Spring Balancer are manufactured in our own factory to ensure the highest level of quality control. As one of factory-direct suppliers, we offer wholesale prices to our customers. Our products are available in stock, making it easy for our customers to buy and receive them promptly.Our customized products are made in China and are of superior quality, ensuring their durability and reliability.
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