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Rigging Accessories

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Rigging and sling accessories are components that are used in conjunction with rigging and slings to facilitate the lifting and movement of heavy loads. Common rigging and sling accessories include:

1.Lifting chains: Lifting chains are commonly used in conjunction with other lifting accessories like slings, turnbuckles, shackles, and load binders. Proper use of these accessories is essential to ensure safe and effective lifting operations.

2.Hooks: Hooks are used to connect lifting slings or chains to the load being lifted. They come in various types, such as swivel hooks, grab hooks, and self-locking hooks, and are available in various sizes and capacities.

3.Lifting clamps: Lifting clamps are used to securely attach to a load, and lift or move it by means of a hoist or crane. Lifting clamps are designed to be used with various types of loads, including steel plates, concrete structures, and pipes.

4.Master Links: Master links are used to connect the chain sling to the lifting equipment. They are typically larger and stronger than a regular link, and are designed to ensure a secure connection.

5.Shackles: Shackles are used to connect rigging equipment and accessories. They come in various sizes and capacities, and are available in materials such as alloy, stainless steel, and carbon steel.

6.Shortening clutches: Chain sling shortening clutches are used to adjust the length of the chain sling to suit the lifting requirements of the load. They are designed to allow for easy and quick adjustment, making it possible to adjust the length of the chain sling on the fly.

7.Load Binders: Load binders are used to secure the load being lifted to prevent it from shifting during transport. They come in various designs, such as ratchet binders and lever binders, and are used to ensure that the load is secure and stable while in transit.


Rigging and sling accessories play an essential role in ensuring safe and effective lifting operations. It is important to select the right rigging equipment and accessories for the job, follow proper rigging procedures, and inspect rigging equipment and accessories regularly for signs of wear or damage.

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G80 Lifting Chain

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